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5 tips to be successful with Russian girls

Dating Russian girls online can be hard for some men because they are not communicating with the woman face to face they are only communicating through email. In order to find your charming lady you need to know what to do and what not to do when deciding to date online. Here are five tips to be successful with Russian girls.

Be Careful When Sending Photos

Send only appropriate pictures to women that you are interested in seeing long term. Many men send inappropriate pictures and that gives Russian girls the wrong idea early on in the relationship. Only send nice, well edited and cropped pictures when emailing the woman that you are dating.

Be Reserved and Not Too Clingy

Do not become too clingy in the relationship. Only email each other a few times per day. Becoming too clingy too quickly can be a major turnoff. In order to establish a healthy relationship there needs to be an even amount of messages sent back and forth.

Do Not Lie Too Much

Remember what lies you tell because it can become your downfall. Many men lie about their age, height, weight, career etc early on in the game and this can become a problem. Russian girls need to be able to trust the person that they are dating online because they cannot see them and decipher their body language and know if they are being honest or not. If you are going to lie then tell very small lies because big les destroy relationships.

Do Not Reveal Too Much Too Soon

Men should approach Russian girls online dating the way that you would if you were dating woman in person and were seeing her every single day. Do not ramble on and tell Russian girls your entire life story at day one. Relationships need to evolve and grow over time and someone knowing a lot about you early on can be a big turn off. Allow your own personality to shine through your emails and chat messages and slowly let them get to know you.

Do Not Become Too Attached Too Soon

Dating Russian girls online can be difficult especially because people live far away from each other. Do not start making wedding plans after the first week. Establish early on that you want to take things slowly and do not want to commit to anyone before meeting them face to face at least three times. Dating Russian women takes hard work and communication but people can be successful if they have a strategy and avoid making relationship ending errors.

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5 tips to be successful with Russian girls